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Elizabeth Triana

I fell in love with sewing when I was just a little girl, working for my mother. When I was 12 years old, I applied for acceptance in a tailoring class, but since the class was for adults the instructor wouldn’t let me join at first. I sat outside the door of that class for two weeks, until one day the instructor finally handed me a list of classroom supplies — I was in! I studied fashion design, pattern creation and garment construction in that class for three years and graduated in a class full of adults. I was 15 years old.

I graduated college with a degree in Business Administration, and in 1984 I came to the U.S. I spoke only a few words of English, so I expected to get only menial jobs at first. But I was lucky enough to find a Spanish-speaking store called Galvan’s Cleaners, which had no jobs but referred me to a tailor shop downtown. I visited the shop, and the sight and sound of the familiar machines made me feel right at home. I worked there part-time for 3 months, and then I found a full-time tailoring job at a menswear store, where I stayed for 10 years.

When the menswear store closed, I didn’t like the idea of going on unemployment — I wanted to work. But during my very first visit to the Unemployment Office I read a newspaper ad for Ace Custom Tailors, so I called them from a payphone right then and there. I was hired that same day, and I stayed for 13 years. In this job I was able to put my business degree to use, since I performed management tasks as well as sewing. I really enjoyed working at Ace — the 13 years seemed more like 13 months — and it was a great learning experience, but after 24 years of working for others I was ready to use that experience to pursue my own dreams in the fashion industry, while spending more time with my daughter Maggie and our little Chihuahua, Pancho.

I love sewing, I love business, and I love Austin. I’m grateful that I can continue serving Austinites for all their tailoring needs. I’m dedicated to giving my customers prompt, personalized service, while keeping my prices reasonable. That’s why, when you come to Triana Tailors, you get an experience you can’t find at any of the big chain stores in town. You’re not just a number here — you’re a friend of the boss!



Elizabeth Triana